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About Us

We are entrepreneurs ourselves at the core in which we still run multiple stores in different niches. 

Our experience in the past 9 years and contacts have allowed us to get what's working and what's not working into establishing and running a new eCommerce business.

We trust that with our experience we can help other entrepreneurs skip a lot of hurdles, jump through a lot more of hoops and get them to a stage where they have a real chance of making it out there by focusing on their real competencies and outsourcing the extra time consuming activities.  It took us too many years to reach that conclusion.

We truly believe that ALL entrepreneurs can make it if they focus and grow on their competencies.  I mean, seriously, how incredible is it to have an idea for a business and then start it and make it work? This kind of acknowledgement is the unspoken longing all entrepreneurs have at a core level, especially from the people who loves and cares about them.